Вариант ответа на вопрос SELCAL представлен ниже. Вопрос звучит What would you do if suddenly a strayed animal appeared on the airfield on take-off? Возможный вариант того же вопроса (перефразирование): What are your actions in case there is a stray animal on the runway?
Вариант ответа: In case of homeless animal on the runway pilot has to abort take off and inform ATC about it. Animals on the runway can be a serious problem. In aviation history, in 2014, a Boeing 737-800 which was taking off at night hit an object as it was approaching 80 knots and the take-off was immediately aborted. As a result, significant damage was found to the left engine and a runway inspection found one dead buffalo and another live one.  Also bats can be hazardous. Moveover, there is a special term birdstrike, it is also connected with low altitudes and can happen during take off, it can be a reason even of ditching, like on the Hudson river. Birds are also a real hazard.

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