Вопрос selcal:
What are the effects of medical-related incidents on a flight? Paraphrase: If there is a medical problem on board, how can it change the route?
Возможный ответ: In case of serious medical problem on board, pilots can request unscheduled landing at the nearest airport from ATC or straight their way to destination point. It depends on the situation and duration of the flight. The flight can be either continued or diverted.  Pilots should ask flight attendants to describe the situation in details. There can be made an announcement about a doctor on board. Pilots should evaluate risks and make a deliberate decision.

То есть вопрос про то, если случается медицинская ситуация, как это может повлиять на рейс. Больше ответов на вопросы и ответов на все маршруты, аудио файлы и другое в этом курсе.

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