Описание картинок для тестирования RELTA

Учимся описывать картинки для экзамена RELTA.

In this picture I see Air France aircraft, it is on fire, but we can see the airline livery, so it is surely Air France. It looks like Airbus. We can see only one engine. I suppose it is a long-range, wide-body commercial jet airliner. Maybe it is multi-engined and has four engines.
I suppose it is electrical fire, but the reason of fire is unknown according to this picture. As we can see, it is located on the ground after emergency landing. In my opinion, all passengers are evacuated because we can see a lot of fire and smoke, all passengers must be evacuated within the required 90 second time frame. Maybe there are some fatalities because the fire looks serious. But we can't see any passengers or crew members, I think they ran away from flames, smoke and fire to a safe distance.
Also we can say that the airplane didn't land at the airport, it looks like country house territory, there is a fence. Possibly the aircraft landed in the ravine. The aircraft also could overshoot the runway due to some technical reasons and caught fire. Consequently, it is not electrical fire. But these are my suggestions.
I can't see any fire trucks or fire brigades there, I guess that they are too far from this place, they didn't arrive yet. However we can see different headlights on the right in the background. They might be fire engines.
we can state that some emergency exits are blocked by fire, passengers could not evacuate through these exits. But we can see an emergency slide on the right, therefore passengers were evacuated. This evacuation might be successful.
In my opinion, this post crash fire destroyed the aircraft. It can't be used anymore. It is a serious accident in aviation history.