Какие вопросы "О себе" задают на тестировании на уровень ИКАО

Наиболее частые вопросы из разряда "О СЕБЕ" на тестировании на уровень ИКАО.
1) Tell about yourself. What is your name? 
2) Could you introduce yourself? Please, introduce yourself.
3) Could you spell your surname, please? How do you spell your surname?
4) Where do you come from? 
Could you tell a bit about your native city? Where is it located? 
What is it famous for? 
5) What was the reason of moving to Moscow? Why did you change your place of living?
6) What is your current position? Do you work as a pilot?
7) Where are you educated to be a pilot? Did you study in the flight college or university or abroad?
8) Why did you become a pilot?  What was the reason to choose pilot's job?
9) It sounds nice. But nevertheless where would you be working now if you were not a pilot? Would you like to do any other job?
10) What are advantages and disadvantages of pilot’s job? Can you tell me about good and bad points of this job?
11) Are there any ways for pilots to improve their professional skills? How do pilots develop professionally?
12) Tell a few words more about your flight experience. 
13) What are your future plans?  What are you going to do in future?
14) Why did you choose this company/airline? 
15) What are your working responsibilities and duties when you carry passengers? 
16) But if something happens what actions should be taken? 
17) Let’s take for example a problem with a passenger. What are pilot's actions in case of problems with passengers?
18) O’key. Go on with duties, please. Tell about your extra unusual duties at work.
19)English is becoming more and more essential in pilots job, isn’t it? 
Why English?  Is English essential in pilot’s job? 
20) What can you tell about your level of English at the moment? What is your English level?
21) Anyone should be able to have a break from time to time, even if he is a workaholic! So, could you tell a few words about your spare time? How do you spend your free time?
22) What personality is a civil pilot supposed to be? Tell me about personal qualities of a civil pilot?