Yaw damper failure

 Should the yaw damper fail, what would you do? Paraphrase: If the yaw damper fails, what will you do?
Вариант ответа на вопрос SELCAL:
In case of yaw damper failure, I will contact ATC, do step by step QRH actions and perform Memory items.
If Yaw damper failure occurs, pilots are supposed to fly slow and Low. Flying slow : Will reduce the lift on outer. Low: to ensure that the aircraft stays well away from stall speed while flying slow.

YAW DAMPER – демпфер рыскания. Устройство, которое гасит колебания самолета по крену и рысканию.
Карта обязательных проверок - иначе QRH англ. Quick Reference Handbook

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