Shopping and fashion. Топик по английскому для Аэрофлота

Fashion and shopping.

Shopping nowadays in changing in my opinion. It is becoming like shopping by distance.
Nowadays people purchase even clothes or shoes using online shopping.  So shopping centres are becoming less popular. There is often a possibility to try on different clothes or shoes when they are delivered. The same with electronics. You can give back an item if something is wrong or you are not satisfied. Despite the popularity of online purchasing many people, especially women (who are considered shopaholics), still enjoy window shopping (looking at products in shop windows) and browsing in shops. They can walk around the shops for hours. This has benefits such as you can try on clothes as many times as you need and buy the latest fashion items.
As for me, I like any shopping, including online and window shopping. I go shopping several times a week. Nowadays there are so many types of shops — the shopping centers, the hypermarkets like Auchan, the supermarkets, the bakery, household shops, butchery and grocery. I adore shopping centers. As a rule I do the shopping with my friends.
As for fashion, we usually pass by colourful shop-windows, we see lots of ads everywhere: on buses, billboards, Internet, TV and in magazines and newspapers. There are disadvantages of fashion. First of all it can be strange. Also many teenagers pay great attention to their friends’ appearance. Sadly, if some parents can't afford buying fashionable clothes with brand labels, their children often become outsiders. So clothes can separate people into social groups.

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