What upgrades have been attempted by the Boeing manufacturers to make the aircraft interior more fire-resistant? Paraphrase: What modifications have been done by Boeing designers to make the aircraft interior safer?
The accident fatality rate for civil aviation airplanes has fallen dramatically during the last 50 years. This decrease is connected with continuing efforts by airplane manufacturers to use information gained from accidents to develop safer, reliable and more survivable airplanes.
In 1985, the FAA developed a new test standard for large surface area panels, such as ceilings, walls, overhead bins, and partitions.
Extensive fire protection systems are also part of every Boeing passenger airplane. These systems include the use of fire-resistant materials, smoke detection and fire extinguishing systems, and insulation blankets designed to resist burn-through from a fuel fire next to the bottom half of the fuselage.
According to requirements of FAA, an airplane can be evacuated of all passengers in 90 seconds. Boeing airplane interiors include a number of features to make this process easier. These features include floor proximity lighting and escape slides. Self-inflating slides are made of fire-resistant materials that become rigid after being deployed.

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