Вариант ответы на вопрос selcal про ваши действия, если погода испортилась во время ухода на второй круг. Рейтеру не обязательно давать конкретный ответ, можно рассмотреть варианты, которые вообще возможны в этой ситуации, что и сделано ниже.

What would you do if after a missed approach the weather suddenly deteriorated? Paraphrase: What are you actions in case of adverse weather after go-around?
In a situation like this the actions can be different. ATC may clear the flight for another approach at the same airport or clear it to an alternative airport. In fact, it will depend on the pilot's intentions as well as fuel, weather and traffic considerations. So, it is difficult to give a concrete answer, the details of the situation can be very different.

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