What would you do if there was a sudden cabin depressurization? Paraphrase: Imagine there is a quick loss of cabin pressure? What will you do in this case?
In the event of loss of cabin pressure, it is essential that the flight crew use oxygen equipment as soon as possible. 

Also Emergency Descent is initiated. In the case of an uncontrolled depressurisation, the crew will descend immediately to an altitude at which they and the passengers can breathe without oxygen masks. Although all passenger seats are fitted with oxygen masks, the oxygen is limited.
Pilots should pay attention to the problem of depressurization, because there wer accidents in aviation history. On 25 October 1999, a Learjet 35 operated by Sunjet Aviation, crashed in South Dakota following crew incapacitation due to Hypoxia.
Navigation is more difficult when wearing oxygen masks and a pilot's field of vision is reduced. So the use of the autopilot for the emergency descent is recommended. Besides, if you subsequently lose consciousness due to hypoxia, the aircraft will stabilise at the new set altitude.

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