Why have some pilots still been aborting the take-off after V1? Отвечаем на вопрос SELCAL.

Такой вопрос задают на тестировании SELCAL Why have some pilots still been aborting the take-off after V1? Paraphrase: Why do some pilots abort the take-off after reaching V1?

Возможный вариант ответа:
Pilots abort take off after reaching V1 usually due to human error because it is strictly prohibited in aviation. Aircraft has too high speed and there is not enough runway length to make a safe landing. 
V1 is the Decision speed by which any decision to abort a takeoff must be made. Above V1, the takeoff must be continued unless there is reason to believe that the aircraft will not fly. An engine failure identified not later than V1 should always result in a rejected takeoff.  If engine failure occurs at or after V1, the aircraft can get airborne and achieve or exceed the appropriate screen height within the Takeoff Distance Available (TODA). If a reject is initiated at a speed above V1, a runway excursion is probable. Runway excursion can lead to human loss and serious damage to aircraft.

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