What are advantages and disadvantages of being a pilot?

Разберем сегодня вопрос, который задают на собеседовании пилота, и на тестировании на уровень ИКАО, например, этот вопрос входит в перечень SELCAL.

What are advantages and disadvantages of being a pilot? Paraphrase: What are positive and negative aspects of being a pilot?
There are a lot of advantages of being a pilot, first of all the ability to travel, respect and high salary. Disadvantages are staying away from home for a long of time. If you have a family it can be a disadvantage . Pilots have to work unsocial working hours and perform flights at night, it can influence health. However in my opinion pilots look after their health and look younger and healthier than representatives of other professions. Pilots should be physically and mentally ready for this job, as it is hard and requires excellent level of fitness and strong character. Also pilots work in shifts, some of them are night shifts, it leads to some sleeping disorders.
Besides, this profession is connected with constant education. Aviation is constantly developing.  You should work with new generation sophisticated equipment, you should have simulator trainings, pass exams, learn a lot of new informations, but for me it is an advantage, because I like constant progress and improvement.