National stereotypes, national traditions. Топик по английскому для Аэрофлота

 A nation is represented by a community of people who share their common history and as a rule a common language. In general they can live in the same area. Every nation had its own culture. Culture may be described as our usual and routine life: it is a way of communication and life. Every nation can have its own traditions and customs, behavior. Let's take as an example British people... They're reserved, tradition-loving. Also they are considered to be courteous, honest, extremely nationalistic. In my opinion, they have a specific sense of humor, and to tell the truth I don't understand it. On the contrary, they can't understand Russian jokes. Their humour is delicate.

Besides, many nations have their stereotypes. For example there is a stereotype about Britain that all British people are friends with a Queen. It's not true, there are different political opinions all over the country. Stereotypes mostly concern people's appearance, language, food, habits and even clothes (like Russian ushanka), symbols and toys, psychological traits of a nationality, attitudes, values. However every stereotype and generalization must be taken with a grain of salt, because as we all know there are black and white sheep in every herd.

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