Terrorist attack in aviation

Возможный вопрос SELCAL. In case of terrorist attack on board, what tactics shall be applied most effectively? What are the best practices in case there are terrorists on board?
Вариант ответа - In case of terrorist attack on board, the pilots inform ATC and follow instructions from the ground. The pilots may descend to a safer altitude where the pressure difference is minimal. The cabin crew(flight attendants) will try to find the explosive device and if possible, they will try to change its place to the least-risk bomb location. They should avoid panic on board and remain calm. Different airlines have different procedures for situations like this. Maybe it is better not to touch explosive devices, cabin crew should follow their procedures.
If the situation occurs on the ground on board, the airplane will be towed to a special remote stand and will be inspected carefully. Even if nothing is found during this check, the aircraft will be left on that stand for the time of intended flight.

Еще один вопрос: What measures can prevent terrorist attack in aviation?
There are special screening procedures for passengers and their baggage, where passengers come through metal detectors. Carry-on bags are always x-rayed. The baggage which was checked passes through an explosive detection system. Some new measures designed to prevent hijackings are adopted. Cockpit doors are fortified in modern airplanes, on some flights the pilots are armed, or there are armed offices in the cabin.

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