Вопрос selcal - How do up-to-date avionics serve to reduce the threat of mid-air collisions?
How does TCAS reduce the risk of air collisions?

Вариант ответа на вопрос - First of all, I would like to say that TCAS is modern and necessary safety system. TCAS was introduced in order to reduce the potential risk of mid-air collisions or near mid-air collisions between aircraft. Speaking in details, TCAS is able to give two types of alerts: Traffic advisories (TAs), which can help the flight crew in the visual acquisition of the intruder aircraft, and to warn them to prepare for a possible resolution advisory. Furthermore, resolution advisories (RAs) are recommended avoidance manoeuvres. TCAS is based on secondary surveillance radar transponder signals, and works independently of ground-based equipment. ICAO demands all airplanes with maximum take-off mass of over 5700 kilograms or permitted to carry more than 19 passengers to be equipped with traffic collision avoidance system. Finally, it is approved by ICAO, that's why there is no doubt of its help to reduce the threat of mid-air collisions.

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