Вопрос selcal - What do you think shall be ensured by maintenance staff to provide safe flight operations? What must technicians or engineers do to prepare aircraft for a flight?

Возможный вариант ответа: First of all I would like to say that maintenance staff should prepare aircraft properly and provide high-quality service. A flight engineer is responsible for ensuring that all components of the aircraft work properly. It is their responsibility to make any of the repairs if a failure, malfunction or any mechanical problem arise. They do a final inspection of the aircraft and ensure that all components are functioning well. 
Moreover, the main duty of aircraft technicians is to maintain fuel, oil and air systems, power plant, landing gear, control systems and other equipment. So, the duties of maintenance staff include inspection, repair and service airframe, engines, equipment, instruments and radio. Before each flight a pre-flight inspection is made on the apron with the use of check-lists.
In my opinion, they must work with the aircraft attentively and carefully because all members of the ground or flight crew are responsible for the life of passengers. They must follow instructions and check lists not to forget anything.

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