THE TEXT. Modern types of communication.

(Прочитайте текст и будьте готовы рассказать своими словами, какие существуют современные средства передачи информации)

Faxes (fax machine) are used for transportation business correspondences by telephone
net. In business practice of nowadays the sending information by fax includes:
—business offers;
—price lists;
—advertising materials;
—press releases;
—written inquires, etc..
Usually the size of fax could not be more than one page and its structure is the same as in
a business letter.
The information doesn't send by fax:
—original contracts;
—letters of credit;
—invoices and other important financial documents, which are sent by mail or
transport with courier.
The most popular Internet service is E-mail. Most of the people, who have access to the
Internet, use the network only for sending and receiving e-mail messages. However,
other popular services are available on the Internet: reading USENET news, using the
World-Wide Web, telnet. FTP and Gopher.
The Internet, a global computer network, which embraces millions of users all over the
world, began at the United States in 1969 as a military experiment. It was designed to
survive a nuclear war. Information sent over the Internet takes the shortest path available
from one computer to another. Because of this, any two computers on the Internet will be
able to stay in touch with each other as long as there is a single route between them.
Most of the Internet host (узловой) computers (more than 50%) are in the United States,
while the rest are located in more than 100 other countries. Although the number of host
computers can be counted fairly accurately, nobody knows exactly how many people use
the Internet, there are millions, and their number is growing by thousands each month
In many developing countries the Internet may provide businessmen with a reliable
alternative to the expensive and unreliable telecommunications system of these
countries. Commercial users can communicate over the Internet with the rest of the
world and can do it very economically. When they send e-mail messages, they have to
pay for phone calls to their local service providers, not for calls across their countries or
around the world.
E-mail is one of the most popular and easy taken service of the Internet. However, some
problems remain. And the most important is security.

Следующие выражения помогут вам сделать телефонные звонки или ответить на них. Эти выражения делятся на две категории:
- Outgoing calls (when you make the call)
- Incoming calls (when you receive the call)

Запомните следующие выражения:

Outgoing Calls
Identifying yourself
My name is ____ (first introduction).
This is ___ here.
This is ___ .
Asking to speak to someone
Could I speak to ____, please?
Could you put me through to ____, please?
Could I have extension 4356, please?
I'd like to speak to____, please.
Giving further information
It's in connection with ____.
It's about ____ .
Explaining purpose of call
I'm calling to ask about ____ .
I'm phoning to let you know the details of ____ .
I'm ringing to tell you about ____ .
Showing understanding
I see.
I understand.
Leaving a message
Could you give ____ a message?
Could you ask ____ to call me (when he gets back)?
(Could you tell ____ ) I'll call back later.
Well, thank you very much for your help.
Well, thanks for the information.
I'm very grateful for your assistance.
I'm much obliged to you.
Ending the call
I look forward to seeing/hearing from/meeting you.
Incoming Calls
Identifving your company (from the switchboard)
Compact Systems. Good morning/afternoon.
Identifying yourself when you pick up the phone
Hilary Beacham.
Hilary Beacham speaking.
Helping the caller
Can I help you?
Who would you like to speak to?
Which department is he/she in?
Who's calling, please? Which company are you from?
Asking for further information.
What's it in connection with, please?
Connecting the caller. Asking for the caller's identification
Who's speaking, please?
Just a minute/moment/second/ please.
Hold/hang on, please.
Hold the line, please. I'll put you through.
I'm putting you through now.
I'm connecting you now.
You're through now.
Explaining that someone is not available
I'm afraid ____ is not available this morning/afternoon.
I'm afraid ____ is out at the moment.
I'm sorry, but ____ is on holiday/in a meeting at the moment.
I'm sorry, but ____ is on the other line at present.
I'm afraid his/ her line's engaged. Do you want to hold?
Alternative actions
Could you ring/phone/call back later?
Would you like to leave a message?
Can I take a message?
Responding to thanks
Not at all. Don't mention it. You're welcome.
Ending the call
I look forward to seeing/hearing from/meeting you.
Thanks for calling.
1. Вы являетесь начальником отдела кадров фирмы. Вам нужно заполнить
вакансии секретаря, бухгалтера, торгового агента и начальника отдела сбыта.
Познакомьтесь с кандидатами.
Произнесите свои реплики и ответы на них по-английски:
— Здравствуйте. Ваше имя?
— Где Вы раньше работали?
— На какой должности?
— Если ли у Вас отзывы с предыдущего места работы?
— На каких языках Вы говорите, пишете?
— Заполните, пожалуйста, анкету.
— Приходите послезавтра.
2. Вы приняли всех на работу. Представьте новых сотрудников директору фирмы.
— This is our new secretary. Her name is Ms Gray. She can operate a computer. Her
English is fluent. Earlier she was working for Rugby & Co.
— Nice to meet you.
3. Ниже перечислены прилагательные, описывающие Вас как работника. Выберите
из них слова, наиболее адекватно, по Вашему мнению, характеризующие:
а) Вас самих г) Торгового агента
б) Секретаря д) Директора
в) Бухгалтера
active diplomatic methodical
attentive disciplined realistic
constructive energetic sincere
cooperative extroverted systematic
creative independent tactful
4. Составьте свое резюме, согласно следующим рубрикам:
5. Напишите заявление с просьбой принять Вас на работу менеджером.
6. Позвоните на заинтересовавшую Вас фирму. Не забудьте задать следующие вопросы:
1)Have you received my Cover letter and Resume?
2) When is the deadline for application?
3) Do you need a letter of recommendation or any other references?
4) Whom can I contact for further information?

5) Is it necessary for applicants to have commercial experience?
7. Произнесите вслух по-английски следующие телефонные номера:
 578-44-32 401-08-09
 489-00-01 274-83-68
 457-36-99 988-01-00
8. Представьте, что Вам звонит из Англии Ваш деловой партнер, который 
собирается приехать к Вам в командировку. Выполните следующие действия:
- спросите по-английски, какого числа он собирается к Вам приехать;
- спросите, когда прибывает его рейс, и пообещайте встретить его в аэропорту;
- спросите, не заказать ли ему номер в гостинице, и пожелайте ему приятного 
- сформулируйте фразу для заказа для него двухместного номера в гостинице 
сроком на четверо суток со вторника, 18 ноября, по пятницу, 21 ноября, 
9. Представьте, что Вы покупаете в Лондоне билет на самолет в Москву. 
Сформулируйте по-английски свои ответы на реплики агента по продаже билетов:
Travel agent: Good afternoon. Can I help you?
You: (Поздоровайтесь. Спросите, можно ли купить один билет 
 Экономического класса до Москвы на вторник, 7 октября).
Travel agent: Let me see… I’m very sorry, sir. There are no seats left for Moscow 
 on Tuesday.
You: (Спросите, остались ли билеты на тот же рейс на среду).
Travel agent: Just a minute, sir… Yes. There are some seats left for Wednesday.
You: (Скажите, что среда Вас устраивает. Спросите, сколько стоит 
 билет и включены ли в стоимость билета сборы в аэропорту).
Travel agent: It’s 198 pounds, sir, including airport taxes… Here you are.
You: (Узнайте у агента номер рейса, спросите, когда самолет 
 отбывает из Лондона и когда прибывает в Москву. 
 Поблагодарите агента).
10. Приведите в соответствие термины и их определения.
Приведите в соответствие термины и их определения.
a) Message
c)face-to face
f) confirm

1)feeling of annoyance when something
you do not like continue to happen
2)the message
3)to say that something is now definite
4)a person who does a job well and
successfully, without wasting time or
5)being in someone's presence
6)a piece of information that you send or
leave to someone when you cannot speak
to them directly

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