Angry passengers

Hysteria (истерия) erupted (возникнуть) when a drunk Canadian, heading (направляющийся) home after visiting Cuba, threatened (угрожать) to shoot (застрелить) flight attendants with a handgun (ружье, пистолет) after they stopped serving him drinks. Police said the man started causing trouble (причинять неудобства) about midway between Varadero, Cuba and Windsor. A flight attendant told the inebriated passenger (пассажир в алкогольном опьянении) he wasn’t allowed to have any more booze (выпивка). He was cut off from further alcohol consumption (потребление) as a result of his behaviour. The police sergeant said the man became “unruly” (непослушный, буйный). He then made a threat (угроза) to one of the stewardesses with respect to shooting them with a 9 mm handgun. The pilot, co-pilot and in-flight services manager were informed of the situation. The pilot radioed ahead for police aid. When the plane landed at 6:50 p.m., officers were waiting for him.

QUESTIONS (ответить на вопросы по тексту)

  1. Where was the problematic passenger from?
  2.  Where had he been? 
  3. What caused his behaviour? 
  4. What did he say to cabin crew? 
  5. What happened when the plane landed?
  6. What would you do in a situation like this?

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