General Layout

General Layout

Many people like travelling. The most convenient means of travelling is a plane. Passengers can travel first class, business class and economy class. That's why the plane is divided into two, three or four passenger cabins, which are called the first class cabin, the business (club, executive) class cabin and the economy class cabin. The first class cabin is the smallest, but the most comfortable.

The seats can be arranged two-by-two or three-by-three depending on the class flight. The seats are numbered in rows from the nose of the aircraft to the tail and lettered from the right to the left as you look back from the flight deck.

Above the cabin door there are two notices (signs): the Fasten Seat Belt sign and the No Smoking sign. The No Smoking sign is always switched on. The Fasten Seat Belt sign is switched on while taxiing, taking off, ascending, descending and landing.

The doors in the passenger cabin are fitted with curtains and a carpet covers the cabin floor.
The overhead baggage racks or the overhead stowage bins, which are for coats and light items extend along the cabin walls. Above each group of seats there is a passenger service unit consisting of an air vent (nozzle), an individual light and an attendant call button.

The cabin (side; window has a rigid blind (shade) which serves as a light filter in sunny weather.
The passenger cabins are provided with a lighting system: general, dim, emergency and individual lighting.
The passenger chair is very comfortable and has all necessary comfort features including a reclining seatback, a pushbutton to fix the seatback in a comfortable position, folding armrests, a tray-table, a seat pocket for small items, a disposable headrest cover, a foot-step for a First Class flight passenger.

Each class can be distinguished by the size of the seats and the distance or pitch between them.
Baby cots are carried on board of each aircraft. They are attached to bulkhead in the cabin. Each baby cot is supplied with a bedding and a baby kit.

The Galley-Pantry

The galley-pantry is designed for cooking hot meals and cold appetizers (starters), and for beverage and fruit storage.

It is provided with metal containers for dishes and foods, electric boilers, heating ovens. The galley-pantry is provided with hot and cold water supply. There is a special board with the switches and the stewardess's interphone here.

Wardrobe Compartments and Toilets

The wardrobe compartments are large enough to accommodate the hand luggage and overcoats of all the passengers. They can be located in the front, middle and rear part of the plane. The location of the wardrobe compartments as well as their number depend on the type of the aircraft. The passenger can find some clothes - hangers for their overcoats in the wardrobe compartments.

The toilets meet all sanitary requirements. They are fitted with a wash-basin with cold and hot water supply, a mirror, a water-closet pan, which is flushed with antiseptic fluid, toilet rolls and an electrical socket for an electrical shaver, towels, a piece of soap and an attendant call button. The location and the number of toilets depend on the type of the aircraft.