The flight crew

The Flight Crew
The flight crew are the men and women who work in an aircraft when it is flying from one city to another. They can be divided into two groups:
1. those who fly the aircraft and
2. those who work with the passengers
The first group consists normally of two or more people who work on the flight deck. They are the captain and the co-pilot, sometimes there is one more member in the flight deck team and it is a flight engineer. (There may be a navigator and radio-operator too).

The Cabin Crew
1 . The people who work in the cabin with the passengers (PAX) are called the cabin crew (staff). The senior member of the cabin crew who is responsible to the captain is called the flight director or cabin services director on wide-bodied aircraft, the Boeing 767 for example, and the purser on smaller aircraft.
On wide-bodied aircraft, a purser is in charge of a separate cabin area or class of passengers, and reports to the flight director or cabin services director.
2. Those who work under the senior member of the cabin crew are called stewards or stewardesses (or air hostesses) by the public, but they should be correctly called cabin (flight) attendants, or CAs for short. Прослушать: