What typical problems can a pilot encounter during start up and push-back?

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What typical problems can a pilot encounter during start up and push-back?
There can be ground collisions and they should be prevented.
Several accidents have occurred in aviation history during engine start and push-back, therefore good communication with the ground team over the intercom is important. Once the aircraft’s red flashing beacon is lit all non-essential ground crew must stay clear of the aircraft.
If the aircraft is at a gate it will need push back procedure, which requires a tug. If parked on a stand it is often acceptable to taxi the aircraft directly from the stand.
The controllers can provide a conditional clearance stating that pushback is approved once an aircraft passing behind has cleared. The engines are usually started during the push-back. Traditionally engine start has been a critical element as it leaded to problems, such as hot starts and hung starts. With modern engine control systems these situations occur too seldom, however the crew still pay a lot of attention to the engine gauges at th moment of engine start.
Once the engines are running and all after start checklists have been completed a taxi clearance will be obtained.
Also crews that are unfamiliar with the airport layout can take a relatively long period of time to check the cleared taxi route on the aerodrome charts before commencing taxi, it can also be a problem.

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