Work, career and ambitions. Топики Аэрофлота на английском

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Вариант топика для МКК у бортпроводников в Аэрофлоте
Work, career and ambitions
Work and career are very important nowadays, because they give an opportunity to help other people, realize ourselves, develop and enjoy. At the present time young people have a lot of possibilities to get good higher education and find a well-paid dreamy job. In any city or town there are a lot of companies, firms, plants, factories which need high-qualified specialists. So young people have a big choice of career options, but many of them think that it is difficult to find something suitable to their interests and expectations. Many people make mistakes choosing their education. However higher education is always useful.
Personally, I think that if you are clever, active and full of energy, you can easily find a good job. You may even stay at home and search the Internet for vacancies. Just use e-mail, send your CV to several companies and wait for their answers. Then you can be invited for a job interview and you will be asked some questions about your job history, skills, interests and so on. If you are suitable for the position, you will be offered a job. If not, you can continue to look for a job.
For some professions it is not necessary to have higher education. For example, for flight attendant’s profession. But you need to finish cabin crew training which is not very easy. Besides, you need to have a great number of personal qualities like stress-resistance, politeness, responsibility, punctuality and very important ability to work in a team. This job is not suitable for every person. You should be strong and ready to overcome difficulties.
Career is development in any profession, growth. It looks like stairs. A flight attendant can also make a career – become an instructor, a purser, to work in business class. If a person is ambitious, he can reach his goals in any profession working hard and improving himself. However very often career growth is connected with more responsibility, so many people prefer not to change their positions. They just work, provide the best service, and improve their skills and personal characteristics.

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