Vocabulary Emirates Test Cities - Тест Emirates на проверку словарного запаса

Упражнение 1. Выберите одно из предложенных слов.
1. TOKYO is an  (ultra/very)-modern metropolis. 

2. WARSAW's old town was  (restored/raised) after World War II (WWII). 

3. One of PRAGUE's most beautiful landmarks, the Hradcany,  (sits/located) atop a hill overlooking the city. 

4. LONDON has a very good  (people/public) transportation system. 

5. MEXICO CITY has a  (vibrant/vibration) ( =thriving) arts scene. 

6. The main sights of LOS ANGELES are  (scattered/concentrated) across the city. You'll need a car to see them all. 

7. BANGKOK's climate is tropical, so you won't need to bring your  (winter/cold) clothes. 

8. BUENOS AIRES has a very European  (feel/idea) to it, despite being in South America. 

9. Despite having lots of  (ancient/archaic) architecture, ROME is one of Europe's most fashionable cities. 

10. BORA BORA is not for travelers on a  (budget/budge). ( = travelers looking to save money) 
Упражнение 2.

1. NEW YORK CITY's  (skyline/sky) is amazing. ( = incredible, breathtaking, etc.) 

2. MONTREAL is the biggest French- (speaking/talking) city outside of Europe. 

3. The winters in BARCELONA are very  (mild/medium)

4. DUBAI is a  (comparative/relatively) new travel destination, but it has many excellent amenities. 

5. The beaches of RIO DE JANEIRO are world- (known/famous)

6. LAS VEGAS offers travelers many world- (level/class) attractions. 

7. Many of SEOUL's palaces are of great than five palaces that are of great historical (important/importance)

8. TORONTO is a  (multicultural/multinational) city. Many people from many different countries live there. 

9. When visiting CAPE TOWN, make sure to check out the Bo-Kaap neighborhood, with its (color/colorful) buildings. 

10. It  (lasts/takes) over 20 hours to fly to MELBOURNE or SYDNEY from Europe.