At the hotel

At a Hotel
When traveling it is better to reserve rooms in advance. Experienced travelers book by telegram.
So you are in the Astoria Hotel. The doorman calls one of the porters, who takes your luggage ad shows the way to the desk-clerk. The desk-clerk will ask you to register. He will had you an arrival card, which all guests are required to fill in.
The following information is required:
1. Name in full: surname, first name, patronymic.
2. Place of permanent residence.
3. Passport No.
After all the porter will show you up to your room. He unlocks the door and turns on the light.
It is a single room. The room is large, clean, light, comfortable and faces the yard. There are all modern conveniences: a private bathroom, a TV set, a fridge, a radio, a telephone, an air-conditioner in the room.
In the lobby you find a newspaper stall where envelopes, stamps, magazines, postcards are sold. You can also find a special room to write a letter. There are all facilities: coffee-stalls, snack-bars, a foreign-currency bank, a barber’s a hairdresser’s,  a post-office and a shoe-repair shop in the hotel. The hotel has a special laundry service for its guests. You can have your laundry done and your clothes pressed. The maid who does your room will also make your bed.

The desk-clerk is a mine of information. He will answer all your questions and give you all the information you need. He will also order your railway tickets. Guests are required to warn the clerk in advance when leaving so that you can have the bill ready for you in time.

Ответьте на вопросы.

1. How can you reserve rooms in advance?
2. What are the duties of a desk-clerk?
3. What information does an arrival card call for?
4. What services do hotels usually offer their guests besides rooms to live in?
5. Where can you buy newspaper, envelopes I the hotel?
6. Who cleans your room in the hotel?
7. Why do you need to warn the clerk in advance when leaving?
8. Who can give you all the information you need?